Bronx, New York Unclaimed Property and Funds

What Is Unclaimed Property in Bronx, NY?

Unclaimed Property is money owed to people and companies in Bronx that gets turned over to New York when companies can't find people to pay it back. For example, if you move and you don't tell your utility company your new address, they don't know where to send your refund check. In this case they would turn the money over to New York as Unclaimed Property. New York would then hold it until you come and claim it. Some states take the money after a certain number of years, while some hold unclaimed funds indefinitely.

Here's the important thing - you could have free money waiting for you!

How Much Unclaimed Property Is In Bronx, New York?

Total Unclaimed Funds


Unclaimed property cases in Bronx



People with unclaimed money waiting for them



Businesses in Bronx with unclaimed property

Types of Claims


Unclaimed property records listed as, "AMTS DUE FOR UNDELIVERED GOODS/SERVICES"

462,705 People In Bronx Have Unclaimed Funds

See the table below for a sample of the people in Bronx who have free money waiting for them to claim.

36,728 Businesses In Bronx Have Unclaimed Funds

See the table below for a sample of the businesses in Bronx who have free money witing for them.

Which Companies or Organizations Owe People Money in Bronx?

See the table below for a sample of the companies or organizations that owe people money in Bronx.

Business or Entity Number of People Owed Money
NYS Dept Of Tax & Finance 36,947
Montefiore Medical Center 12,087
Citibank 12,084
Office Of The State Comptroller 11,612
Consolidated Edison Co Of New York Inc 10,261
Metlife Inc 8,255
Western Union Financial Services Inc 7,576
Sprint United Management Company 5,990
NYS Office Of The State Comptroller 5,642
Jpmorgan Chase Bank Na (802) 5,252
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 5,163
TD Bank 4,719
Group Health Inc 4,715
Office Of The State Comptroller Bureau Of State Acct Oper 4,517
Tennille V Western Union Qualified Settlement Fund 4,420
United Housing Foundation Inc 3,951
Paypal 3,854
Brighthouse Financial Inc 3,710
Nyb Citibank 3,478
Discover Bank 3,442

What Types Of Unclaimed Property Are People Owed In Bronx?

See the table below for the types of unclaimed property and funds oweed to people in Bronx.

Type of Property Number of People Owed Money
Amts Due For Undelivered Goods/Services 79,657
Nys Uncashed Checks 63,125
Outstanding Checks Issued To Vendors 50,889
Refunds/Other Amts Due Under Policy Term 45,473
Savings Accounts 29,421
Wages/Payroll/Salaries/Comm/Pension Pmts 25,386
Demand Deposit Account(s) 18,064
Amts Due Under Policies Other Than Life 16,421
Cashier, Teller Checks 15,647
Unredeemed Gift Certificates 15,541
Licensed Money Trnsmt Receipts/Money Ord 15,065
Distributions From Owners Int (Non Adr) 11,772
Cash Dividends (Other Than Adr) 11,498
Other Miscellaneous Property (Cash Only) 10,038
Refunds Due For Util Serv Not Furnished 8,671
Distributions From Owner Of Int (Nonadr) 8,068
Death Claims 7,468
Rebates 7,312
Mutual Funds/Dividend Reinvest Book Shrs 7,184
Credit Balances: Consumer Credit Accts 7,106

How Do I Claim New York Unclaimed Property?

You can search for and and claim unclaimed assets on the New York's official website, or we would be happy to run a search for you (there's no charge).

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